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Sunday, 29 September 2013

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

You've just finished doing your hair, you still need to to pick out an outfit and you're already 30 minutes late, a situation that, no doubt, most girls are familiar with.

But it's not until you finally make it out of the front door that you realise you have forgotten to paint your nails.

I was once a a victim of such a predicament until... I discovered OPI's Pure Lacquer Nail Apps!

So say au revoir to smudges and chips ladies because these transfers are effectively stickers that leave your nails looking more pristine then ever in an instant.

To achieve this look, place the strip on to a clean, dry nail and smooth out any unwanted ridges. To finish, you crease the strip over the edge of the nail and file off the excess in a soft downward motion. It really is as simple and as easy as that.

These nail polish applications come in a range of finishes, from creams to shimmers and each pack comes with 16 strips to guarantee a perfect fit for all finger nails.

I chose the gold lace style to team with a black peplum dress and gold platform heels. Here's a picture of the finished product!

So if like me, you are a last minute kind of gal then these quick and easy nail strips are the ones for you!   Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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