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Monday, 30 September 2013

St Tropez Lovin'

As Winter looms upon us and our sun kissed skin begins to fade, our desire for an everlasting tan is stronger than ever.

My secret...St Tropez. And I'm not talking about the place. 

I have experienced first hand the consequences of many self tanning company's and its safe to say that the 'wotsit' look is not my favourite.

However, you'll be more bronzed goddess than terribly tangoed if you use St Tropez self tan and once you've used their gorgeous products, there is no going back. 

Here is my 'St Tropez goody box!'

St Tropez comes in a range of different forms, from an instant tan classic gel to a gradual tan everyday mousse.

The self tan classic gel is personally my favourite because it gives an all over natural looking tan and is so easy to apply. The gel is also designed to eliminate the distinctive fake tan smell by up to 70% so nobody has to know you are even wearing it!

This product also gives an instant and noticeable glow which is perfect for a last minute tan.

Another essential in my 'St Tropez goody box' is the self tan classic bronzing spray. I always use this when I'm looking for a quick boost of colour. The spray provides extremely good coverage and a gorgeous even tan.

I would also highly recommend the gradual tan everyday face moisturiser. By using this in conjunction with the body self tan it will prevent any colour contrasts between your face and body. I have also found that this moisturiser has often reduced the blemishes on my face much like when you are exposed to natural sun light!

As well as this, I would suggest getting yourself an applicator mitt. Tanning your whole body can take some time and without the use of a glove you risk temporarily staining your hands. On top of this, they also help to give a smoother finish to the completed outcome.

Should you fake tan regularly, I think it is worth investing in the tan optimiser body polish and the tan optimiser body moisturiser.

The polish prepares your body for self tanning by gently exfoliating the skin, in particular, on dryer areas such as your knees and elbows which helps to prolong your stunning new tan.

The moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and feeling smooth to ensure perfect coverage when the self tan is applied.

I hope that you love these amazing products just as much as I do! Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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  1. I have all this stuff too! The best!!!!