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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bodylicious Body Butter

I'm sure I speak on behalf of every woman when I say that I find moisturising a hugely monotonous task.

Despite this, it is a vital requirement to help keep your skin in great condition!

Not only does an everyday moisturising routine help to restore the natural oils in your skin but it also leaves you feeling fresh and revitalised.

The best time to moisturise is immediately after you bathe which for most people is daily.

However, this may be increased during these upcoming Winter months when your skin is at risk of becoming dryer.

I highly suggest that you use the Body Shop body butters to hydrate your skin!

These gorgeous body care items come in various fruity and exotic scents and leaves your skin feeling soft and irresistibly smooth.

They are also great for very dry skin and provide long lasting hydration of up to 24 hours.

I have experimented with the majority of the body butters from this beautiful range, however I particularly recommend the coconut, mango and shea scented creams as I have found these aroma's are exceptionally fragrant and leaves my skin looking radiant and well nourished.
Coconut Body Butter
Mango Body Butter
Shea Body Butter

Could these products be any more amazing? They certainly can! Click HERE for 50% off on these fantabulous body butters when you enter the code BUTTER at the check out.

This sumptuous butter appeals to all generations and would make a perfect gift for any occasion or even if you're just treating yourself! Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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  1. Shea Butter veteran! Forever using these!! ☼