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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Clash of the Tartans

Following on from my previous blogs about what is hot this Autumn, TARTAN is back in a big way! Dominating shops everywhere, this statement pattern always seems to find its place back on to the catwalk.

So you won't just be needing this look at a scottish celebration, with its eye catching design and bold colours, tartan is a must have this season. I've put together a few of my current favourite pieces from various high street shops!

Red check mini tube skirt - New Look (£14.99) Click HERE to view this item.

Red tartan tassalled blanket scarf - River Island (£25.00) Click HERE to view this item.
Blue tartan velvet turtle neck bodycon dress - River Island (£25.00) Click HERE to view this item.

Shiny tartan leggings in red - Urban Outfitters (£28.00) Click HERE to view this item.

I also thought that I would add in one for the boys!! Whether you are a male reading this or a woman looking for your HABs, (husbands and boyfriends,) tartan is also super trendy for men this Autumn/Winter.

Red tartan oxford long sleeve shirt - TOPMAN (£30.00) Click HERE to view this item.

I LOVE this look, it gives any outfit a 'punk' edge and also a very seasonal feel. Lots of love, Kenzie xxx


  1. I've nominated you for an award! xxx

  2. WOW! Thank you sooo much! You're a star xxx