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Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Low Heel

Much to the relief of just about every woman out there, gone are the days of sky high stilettos, as this seasons hottest trend is all about the low heel.

This super chic new look has caused much controversy amongst the fashion world, being continuously labelled 'granny shoes,' these kitten heels have a lot to prove.

Numerous people don't seem to like the 'awkward' compromise between flats and heels but personally, I LOVE them!

Now don't get me wrong, coming in at just over 5ft 4 I could really use the extra height, but these little heels provide a versatile look for any occasion. And for once in fashion history, they are, dare I say it, practical.

I'm sure we all have that beloved pair of shoes that reach dizzying heights but I think its time that we gave our poor little feet a well deserved rest this Autumn.

It also seems that the sexy footwear has taken the celeb world by storm, with some of our favourite A listers stepping out in these stylish new shoes. Kimmy K looked so amazing sporting this look whilst pregnant during the Summer. (You can always count on her to be ahead of the trends!)

Here's a gorgeous pair I found from Zara. Click HERE to view! (£29.99) These two-toned ankle strap shoes are bang on trend with their bold colours and low heel!

Whether you love them or hate them, they've certainly got the fashion industry talking about them! So why not be daring and try a pair? Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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