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Thursday, 31 October 2013

How To Revive A Dried Up Mascara

Recently I have had loads of you lovely people contacting me, asking how to prevent your mascara from hardening so soon after purchasing it.

Much like you all, I have this problem to and it always seems to happen as you are getting ready for a big night out, typical!

Often it depends on what mascara you are using because some are prone to hardening quicker than others. However my top tip for this Thursday is to place your mascara in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes. This causes the liquid to soften in the mascara and to become a thinner consistency, making it easier to apply.

Be sure that the lid is securely tightened to ensure that no water gets into your mascara because as we all know it can be extremely expensive to replace.

Should your product still be dry, then add a drop of baby oil to the mascara. This softens it and should really prolong its shelf life and return to its creamy former self.

So next time your mascara dries up, don't throw it away! Simply revitalise your product with this simple method.

I really hope that this advice is useful! Please keep your queries coming. Lots of love, Kenzie xxx