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Sunday, 27 October 2013


So it's Sunday, our last day of freedom before the harsh reality that is other wise know as Monday comes back around.

If like me, your day has consited of snuggling up by the fire, fresh faced after eating the worlds biggest roast then you will probably have time to squeeze in a quick skin care procedure! 

These three quick and easy steps should leave you feeling revitalised and ready for the week ahead.

1. STEAM - Steaming your face opens pores and loosens any existing blackheads.

First, fill a bowl with boiling water and add some lemon juice. Position your face over the bowl and hold a towel over your head to keep all of the steam in for maximal results! Follow by cleansing and rinsing with cool water to close your pores. I love the Shiseido pureness deep cleansing foam. It is amazing! It helps reduce blemishes and leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

2. SOOTHE EYES - To reduce tired eyes after a long week, slice a cucumber into thin slices and place on each eye lid for 10-15 minutes. Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties so can soothe irritated and red skin.

3. MOISTURISE - To feel completely refreshed, moisture your whole face and remember not to neglect your neck! This area is prone to dryness and is very often left out. I love the Shiseido pureness mattifying moisturiser. Much like the foam, it is great for sensitive skin and I really couldn't recommend it more highly!

Lots of love, Kenzie xxx


  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog, and I must say that I love it! Thanks for this skincare post. Lately my skin has been doing weird things, and I thought of searching new products for blackheads and also for the eyes, as they look tired as hell and the area of the most, under the eyes.
    Anyway, I'm adding this to my wishlist! xx

    1. Hi Juliet! Thank you so much for your lovely message, I'm so happy that it's helped. The Shiseido pureness products are wonderful for sensitive skin! Really hope it works for you! Kenzie xxx