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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Winged Out Eyeliner

When faced with the question, 'If you could only take one product from your make up bag to a desert island, what would it be?' My response would be simple, liquid eyeliner.

'Why?' I hear you say. Well, liner can recreate the shape of the eye by giving the illusion that it has a much fuller shape than it actually does. It also helps to elongate the eye for a much more feminine 'smize.' (All of my fellow America's Next Top Model enthusiasts will know that this means smiling with your eyes!)

I know what you're thinking, liquid eyeliner is a recipe for disaster. But however cliche it may be, practice really does make perfect. So don't be afraid to get it wrong, experiment and find out what works for you. 

I'm going to be talking to you about the winged out liner today, a classic pin up look that never goes out of style.

My favourite eye liner at the moment is by Barry M. (£4.79) The brush is very thin and it's really easy to apply.

Before applying your liner, position your mirror slightly below you so that you are looking down. This will help to avoid jagged edges and create a smoother finish.

Using small strokes, start applying the eye liner from the inner corner and work your way out. It's important to keep the inner part of your lash line thin so that when you reach the edges you can create your gorgeous wing shape.

Now for the hard part! Once you have reached the middle of the eye, it is time to start thickening your line which you will later connect to the wing. I start my wing from the end of my bottom lash line and drag it in the direction of the end of my eyebrow. You can drag the wing out as far as you would like, however I find that the shorter it is the more natural the over all look. 

Once you have achieved your desired wing length, connect the wing to the eye liner that you have previously drawn across your top lash line. At this stage I use a cotton bud to neaten up any imperfections and this should create the finished product! 

If this is your first time trying the winged look, then grab some tape and place it on the outer corner of your eye from your lower lash line to the end of your eyebrow. This gives a template for the winged part of this particular look.

You may also find it easier to apply your liner whilst stabilising your hand. I tend to rest my elbow on a flat surface and pull my eye back slightly with my weaker hand. This makes a smooth area for the application of the eyeliner with my strong hand.

My top tip? Take a well deserved break! Eye liner can be a really difficult product to get used to so don't be afraid to stop during the process for a little breather.

Lauren Conrad (Pictured above) is one of the many celebrities that frequently sports this girly and sophisticated look.

I really hope that this blog will make your next eyeliner experience a happy one! Please feel free to request any beauty tips or just leave a comment. Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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