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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How To Manage Your Wardrobe

A question I always seem to ask myself when shopping is, 'do I really need this?' Admittedly, being the shopoholic that I am, the answer is most commonly 'yes,' but I occasionally manage to restrain myself and leave the store empty handed.

Like most women, I have a host of clothes in my wardrobe that I hold on to with the excuse that 'I will wear it one day!' However, the reality is, you probably won't. So here's my little tip to show you how to keep track of whether you are getting use out of all of your clothes or not!

Place all of your hangers in the wardrobe with the hook facing outwards, or more simply 'the wrong way around.' 

So, how is this relevant? Well, whenever you wear an item from your wardrobe just turn the hanger around the right way so that the hook is facing inwards.

After a month of following this tracking process, assess your wardrobe situation! Are there still any hangers that haven't yet been turned around the right way? And if so, why haven't you worn that item? It may just be that the appropriate occasion hasn't arisen to wear your LBD or disco pants but if the realisation is that you have just been avoiding an item, then GET RID OF IT!

I'm sure you'll find a good home for any unwanted clothes, whether it be some classic hand-me-downs to a younger sibling or perhaps taking them to a clothing bank!

Hopefully this post will help to sculpt your wardrobe and guide your future shopping sprees! Stay beautiful! Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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