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Friday, 3 January 2014

Contouring & Highlighting for Beginners. (Stage 2)

Following on from yesterday's blog, all about highlighting, today I'll be discussing contouring the face with bronzer and the use of blush. 

When contouring your cheeks it is important to make sure that you are doing so in the right area. If bronzer is applied in the wrong way, it can look very unnatural and completely opposite to the subtle shadow like impression that we are trying to make. 

To ensure that you are contouring the correct area, line your brush up with the top of your ear and the corner of your mouth, just underneath your cheekbone. This will give an extremely flattering finish.

Start by contouring your cheeks! Beginning at the top of your ear, apply the bronzer with a brush in circular motions in the direction of the corner of your mouth. However, do not take the bronzer any further than in line with the centre of your eye. Once again this will become unnatural and not so effortless!

Ensure that the bronzing powder has been worked into the hair line. You don't want any sudden make up lines to ruin your gorgeous make up! Simply achieve this by removing the excess from the brush and working it into the skin in circular motions.

When contouring your whole face, remember the three rule. You are aiming to apply bronzer from your hairline, into your cheekbones and finishing underneath your jawline. (In the shape of a three!) 

When doing this you only need a very small amount of product on the brush because if it is too dark they will no longer look like shadows being casted on the face.

Hoola by Benefit is fabulous because it is extremely natural and unlike most bronzers does not contain sparkles. Although this does like nice occasionally for a night out, when trying to achieve a natural look it is best to use a matte product. Click HERE to view this item. (£23.50)

To finish your perfectly defined face, add a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks.

I really hope that you have found both stages of my contouring blogs beneficial!

Lots of love, Kenzie xxx 

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