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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Estée Lauder Pink Parfait Long Lasting Lipstick

All beauty lovers like to be versatile in the products that they use when applying their make up, whether that be experimenting with new ones or just alternating old favourites. However, we all have those go to items that we use on a regular basis because they are just so fabulous.

For me, the Estée Lauder Pink Parfait Long Lasting Lipstick looks effortlessly beautiful with any look. I tend to apply this particular colour with a lip brush because it creates a stunning frosted pink, which can turn somewhat heavier if applied too generously so the brush just helps to blend it out a little bit. This strong coverage means that it would be suitable for anyone with pigmented lips!

Click HERE to view this product. (£20.00)

The shimmer incorporated within this gorgeous lipstick gives it a gloss feel and lasts for hours without drying out. I usually reapply it after about four hours just to keep my lips looking exceptionally full however the colour lasts for much longer than this.

Much like the product itself, the packaging is elegant and sophisticated making it the perfect handbag accessory.

Lots of love, Kenzie xxx

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  1. Gorgeous post, I love the colour of this lipstick so much!

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